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SP-3000 PLUS


  • Ideal for Biochemical,Analytical, Agricultural and Medical Research
  • Split-beam Optics, Dual detectors
  • 1.0nm Bandwidth
  • Sipper System
  • PC interface Windows Program


Wavelength Range 190nm~1100nm
Spectral Bandwidth 1.0nm
Wavelength Display Readable to 0.1nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±0.5nm(with automatic wavelength correction)
Data Bunching Interval 1nm
Wavelength Reproducibility ± 0.1nm
Stray Light Less than 0.05% (at 220nm and 340nm)
Photometric Range Absorbance: 00.3~3.0Abs
Photometric System Split-beam Optics, Dual detectors
Photometric Accuracy ±0.002Abs. at 0.5Abs. ±0.005Abs. at 1Abs
Photometric Reproducibility ±0.002Abs at 1.0Abs.
Baseline Correction Automatic
Wavelength Slew Rate About 5000nm/min
Light Source 6V 10W Tungsten halogen lamp and D2 lamp
Monochromator Modified Czerny-turmer type with 1200 limes/mm holographic grating.
Auto Zero Function By a single stroke of Soft key
Display Graphic LCD 6", adjustable viewing angle and contrast control
Detector silicon photo-diode
Sample Compartment Automatically rotative 8 position cell holder
Interface Ports RS-232C and Centronics ports
Power Requirements 220-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 514(W) x 243(H) x 430(D) mm
Net Weight 16.0kg

Various applications and utilities

Various Applications

Correction Mode

Self correction for wavelength and cell holder position. Measured value for wavelength and cell holder position is compared with input correction data and then saved automatically.

Self diagnosis

By checking lamp and wavelength correction condition, get a more reliable data.
By testing intensity of radiation at specific wavelength in ultraviolet and visible range, can confirm its condition is good or not.

Lamp Change Mode

Setup the wavelength for changing point between deuterium lamp and tungsten-halogen lamp in range in range 350nm to 470nm for measuring with the optimum intensity of radiation.


Absorbance/transmittance/Concentration Measurement mode. Measuring one to ten samples for multi wavelength at a time. Saving measured method (Max 10).
Concentration calculation with a standard curve or factor (Y=A*X+B; slope, B; intercept).

Survey Scan

Measure continuously absorbance/transmittance in 190nm~1100nm and confirm the data by Zoom in/out graphs in specific range. Search for Peaks and Valleys values automatically.

Standard Curve

Can measure by 7 Standard samples at a time and select one of 13 kinds concentration unit, Linear(N), Linear(O), Segmented Standard curve Types. Also can Make Standard Curve by inputting the maximum 30 of Concentration and Absorbance.

ABS Ratio

Can measure DNA/Protein by Numerator, Denominator, Reference measurement and factor. 260, 280, 230nm and correction wavelength(320nm) are setup basically to measure more easily.

Simple Kinetics

Measure continuously absorbance/transmittance variation at one wavelength during a certain period. Measuring interval is over 0.1 second and total measuring time is 99 hours in a maximum.